FORC Journal

The FORC Journal of Insurance Law and Regulation (the Journal) is a journal published by the Federation of Regulatory Counsel (FORC). The Journal includes articles of interest to insurance industry participants and law practitioners with a focus on impactful and emerging regulatory issues and trends.

The Journal is central to our mission to demonstrate members’ excellence in, and dedication to, the practice of regulatory law. FORC collects from its membership original manuscripts that showcase their advanced skill-set and highlight certain areas of a particular member’s expertise.

The Journal is transmitted electronically to FORC members and other persons who have indicated interest in receiving the Journal.  It is also posted on the FORC website and made available in hard copy at various public events such as NAIC meetings.

Please review the FORC current, and archived, Journals below. To find a particular topic or author, please use the search field above. Each individual article includes the full contact details for each FORC member author, along with a link to their profile and biographical information. The FORC Journal is designed to provide practical and useful information, but not legal advice. If legal advice is required, please seek professional counsel. FORC does not endorse the views expressed in any of the articles contained in the FORC Journal. 

Members may submit articles to at any time.  If you need a copy of the Journal submission guidelines, please email