Why Hire a FORC Attorney?

The Federation of Regulatory Counsel is a professional association of insurance regulatory lawyers formed in 1988 for the purpose of raising the standard of excellence in the practice of regulatory law.


  • Fully vetted by the FORC Admissions Committee with an intensive application processes including interviews with candidates to ensure all membership criteria are met or exceeded.
  • Licensed qualified attorneys with a minimum of five, but typically decades, of insurance regulatory law experience.
  • A member in good standing in at least one state bar association and continue to certify this member requirement annually.
  • Focused on insurance regulatory law and bill more than fifty percent of their time to insurance regulatory matters. 
  • Recommended in writing by three insurance industry executives from unrelated companies who have attested to their skill and competency.
  • Recommended by three additional FORC members, or three additional attorneys, which are acquainted with and/or have had professional dealings with the member.
  • Capable of performing related services in at least two of the following categories of insurance law practice:
  • - Insurance Business Transactions: Reinsurance, acquisitions, company formations, mergers, redomestication, corporate governance, purchase and sale of blocks of business, etc.  
    - Legislation: Drafting, amending, proposing, monitoring and opposing bills, and resolutions relating to insurance laws and regulations.  
    - Litigation: Disputes involving insurance business transactions or regulatory enforcement actions, but not insurance claims disputes.  
    - Regulation: Liaison with state insurance regulatory officials regarding insurance company matters, producer matters, policy filings, transaction filings, admissions, rulemaking, prehearing investigations, etc.
  • Knowledgeable in the industry which is confirmed by authorship in the FORC Journal of Insurance Law and Regulation and other industry publications.   
  • Connected to other FORC insurance regulatory attorneys throughout the country to use as additional resources as needed.  

FORC Members - Experienced, Knowledgeable, Recommended