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The Federation of Regulatory Counsel (FORC) is a national association of attorneys specialized in insurance regulatory law.  Each regulatory counsel member has passed a rigorous vetting and interview process by the FORC Admissions Committee to ensure they meet the following FORC member requirements:

  • Member in good standing in at least one state bar association (certified annually)
  • Minimum of seven years of insurance regulatory law experience
  • More than 50% of work is billed for insurance regulatory matters
  • Recommended by three insurance industry executives from unrelated companies who have attested to counsel’s skill and competency
  • Recommended by three FORC members, or other counsel, with professional dealings with the member

Becoming a FORC attorney is hard; choosing a FORC attorney is easy.  Hire a vetted FORC attorney with confidence and you’ll have a FORC in Insurance Regulatory Law on your side. 

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