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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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Welcome to the FORC Web Site!!

The Federation of Regulatory Counsel ("FORC"), is a nation-wide association of attorneys specialized in the arena of insurance regulatory law. In order to be considered for membership, an applicant must be a lawyer in good standing, with at least seven years of experience in insurance regulatory law, and must bill more than fifty percent of his or her time to insurance regulatory matters. Each member is recommended in writing by three insurance industry executives from unrelated companies who have attested to their skill and competency.

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Current FORC Journal

Vol. 27 Edition 2 - Summer 2016

FORC’s next issue of the Journal is now available. This issue delivers timely articles pertaining to topics significantly affecting the insurance industry, such as the implications for advance commission arrangements when an agent files for personal bankruptcy protection; successful legal challenges to the promulgation and application of certain California Department rules regulating unfair trade practices; and recent first-impression decisions of the Montana Supreme Court interpreting that state’s Unfair Trade Practices Act. Also, the Florida Supreme Court recently struck various provisions of the state’s workers’ compensation law. Two articles discuss the differing cases utilized to change this legal system. Thank you to our members who generously donated their time and expertise to this publication. Please share these authoritative and topical articles with your colleagues.

A. Kenneth Levine, Journal Editor

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July 2016 Alert


Welcome to the July 2016 edition of the FORC Alert. If you have any colleagues that may be interested in this publication, please forward it on. There is a link below this message allowing them to opt-in so they can receive these FORC Alerts automatically.


Ryan Smart
FORC Alert Editor

FORC By-Laws

Here are the FORC By-Laws, as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF

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